Free Silhouettes: Wizard, Mage & Cleric

I spent a couple hours yesterday morning slapping these together as stand-ins for a sizzle reel. As soon as I’d dropped them into the motion graphics, the art department found their actual concept art. 😭

So, enjoy. Feel free to use these for whatever you need–personal, commercial, sexual.

Wizard, Mage & Cleric

Herre Solsort

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An illustrated true story about our local blackbird. This was something I started over the summer as a 2D/digital painting exercise, but only picked up again a few weeks ago (as something to do that’s not job hunting and Lillie is the Keeper).

I love the self-serious, slightly derpey way blackbirds go about everything. Lots of fun to scribble something together like this. Have fun!

14th Century Funeral Monument

Illustration commissioned by History Live! North East for an intriguing history project: To 3D print a life-sized sculpted knight’s tomb.

English funerary effigies like these began to be produced in the 14th Century in immitation of the Continental style, with locally-sourced alabaster in place of imported marble. According to Rachel Dressler, the waxy translucency of the stone was prized for its immitation of flesh, and “spiritual aura” in the light. History Live! North East is working with the University of Maine to create a modern reproduction of such a monument as an educational outreach tool. Sponsors (and I must recommend becoming one) can see their own coat of arms added to the base of the sarcophagus.