I’d like to say a quick hey there to DIY fans from and who are discovering the blog by way of my junk mail blinds article.

Here are a couple more junk mail tips for you:

  • Pick up a traverse rod at your local hardware store and make verticle blinds with the same strips of junk mail. I now have one set of either in my bedroom.
  • Lampshades. Try to use compact fluorescent bulbs — they run cooler, and are better for the environment. (And contain only 1/100th the mercury of a household thermometer, so we’d best get over that please… Remember to recycle them, also at your neighborhood hardware store, too.)

Finally, I’ll be moving to either LA or San Franciso at the end of September, based largely on whether either produces a good bite on a job. Please contact me by any of the means on the main page if you happen to have any leads for me. Shukriya!

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