Sketch: Videogaming

The third run is always the hardest, when you’re getting back into it. The first run you expect to be bad. But it’s never as bad as you expect. The second you expect to be hard, and it’s not, for the same reason. But that little mental trick stops working by the third run, leaving you feeling discouraged and disappointed in yourself.

“Videogaming” is the latest sketch I’ve decided to call done, after a sad amount of time and work. It’s vaguely risque/NSFW. The pose is overlapping and closed-form, but not as active as I would have liked. The facial expression is passable, which is a relief. The Inkscape file, of course, includes the blocking in a hidden layer, and a couple of alternate poses in another.

And yes, that is the official videogame for “Hot” she’s playing.


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