The YouTube Captioning Thing

I’ve built a new toy.

With it, you can create a caption track to play along with most any video on YouTube and embed it into a web page or forum post. Html, including images, can be used to style and enhance your captions.

Watch a Demo:

Getting Started:

  • Go to
  • Copy and paste a YouTube movie url into the address field, and click on Load YouTube Movie.
  • Play the movie
  • When you’d like, click on Add Caption. The movie will pause, and a new caption field will appear to the right.
  • Enter any text or html you’d like. Use the < and > buttons to adjust the timecode.
  • Play the movie again, repeat as desired.
  • Previous captions are automatically hidden. Scrub the movie back to see them again.


  • To embed your captioned YouTube movie in a webpage or forum post (provided the forum allows scripts), click on Create Embed Code.
  • Copy and paste the code that appears in the bottom field wherever you’d like to embed the movie.

Saving and Resuming:

  • To save your capping session, click Create Embed Code. Copy and paste the text into a plain text file.
  • To resume a capping session, or continue with someone else’s, paste the embed code into the bottom field and click Load from Embed Code. The caps and the movie you were capping will be automatically reloaded.
  • Here’s the embed code for the demo: vibration_script.txt


Report any and all bugs to me. Hope you have fun!


To Do:

  • Bug fixes? Suggestions?


  • Fixed Internet Explorer compatibility (?)
  • Fixed problem where the editor could goof up the order of captions.
  • Create
  • Make sure that multiple embedded movies on the same page don’t grind your system to a halt.
  • Change the scripts into live embed code. No more going through me to get a play-only file: Just copy and paste the script onto a web page or forum post.
  • Fix the caption player so that it doesn’t miss captions when YouTube drops frames.

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